Sunday, June 14, 2009


It has been a very long time since we last posted. Many birthdays, holidays, and a new grandchild (niece). Brandon and Danielle had a baby girl named Mia who is healthy and doing well. Casey began working with Kory again and got his own car. Jaymes finished another year of college. Logan played soccer and did very well and started as a freshman. Kristen is still working as a waitress and will be a senior. Nothing extraordinary going on in VA, just the same old same old. However, we are very excited for the upcoming summer events. The kids (Kristen and Logan) will be going to Palmyra for Youth Conference, which is about 8 hours away from where we live. And then soon after they return we will be heading out to Utah for a 2 week vacation. We are all very excited as the plans fall together and we begin our fun summer!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Latest in the Longenecker family

Okay, so its been a while since an update, and a lot has happened since then. Halloween obviously came and here are some pictures of Kristen and Casey carving some pumpkins. Logan wasn't feeling well and Dad decided to wait to carve his with Logan. Anyways, we didn't get pictures of the final product, but we did get some action shots =]
Another thing worth mentioning is that Kristen got inducted into the National Honor Society. She had to fill out an application with the areas of leadership, service, and such. Also the inductee must have a 3.5 GPA or higher and manitain the GPA in order to stay in the NHS and the student must be a junior or senior. It was a big accomplishment for her.

Also, something that is a big accomplishment for Logan was that he made Varsity basketball....as a FRESHMAN!! He is following in Jaymes and Casey's footsteps as he plays basketball for the same coach, Coach Fox, who is a very good coach. Logan is playing as a freshman, which is the first for the Longenecker family. We are pround of him for working so hard over the summer as he endlessly played basketball across the street at the elementary school and went to SVU whenever it was raining. He truly is dedicated to this sport!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


We haven't updated in ages, but you know how life is. For the last little while Dad has been working on building a carport on the side of our house. When the carport is finished, we are going to begin working on a little house for Grandma Longenecker. Due to certain laws here in BV we have to have the house connected in one way or another to our house because Grandmas house is a certain size and all these things that were preventing us from doing it. But, Dad found a way to do it and has devoted a lot of time to working on these projects. Ever since Casey has been home, he has helped alot, along with Jaymes when we rarely see him! Tomorrow Dad is going with Grandma to pick out shingles for the roof, so its progress being made none the less. =] Hopefully it will be finished soon so we can use it during the winter!! Anyways here are some pictures of the boys working and I'll try my best to keep updated!!

Sorry that some of the pictures are blurry and what not.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


This past year has been a funfilled year with going to all sorts of events for Casey. With him being in the class of 2008 the events started to accumulate and come quickly by the end of April. We took one blink of an eye and graduation was here. We all enjoyed supporting him in football, basketball, and soccer games throughout the year. Prom was a rainy night, but it was nice to see him walk in with a smile on his face. Then graduation. He graduated in such a small class that the whole ceremony only took about an hour. The speakers were wonderful. All in all, it has been fun to support Casey through the years and finally see him accomplish such an achievement.

Yellow Tux =]


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Basketball Season

This past Monday night for family night, we all went to Casey and Logan's last home basketball game of the season. It was also Senior Night for Casey once again. The games went well and for JV(Logan) it was close, and they ended up losing just by a few. On the other hand, Varsity(Casey) came out with a victory. All in all, it has been a fun season to watch and cheer them on. We will miss seeing Casey play, but look forward to next year when Logan will play again.

Casey wouldn't quite cooperate for the camera...notice the looks on mom and dad's faces. =)

I took a lot of pre-game pictures, when they recongnized the senior players, but I was on the other side of the gym, in the student section, so the pictures are blurry. I tried to edit and fix them, but it wasn't quite working. I took about 20 and ended up with one half decent picture.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Wow! So many things have happened since the last update. First, Jaymes came home from his mission in Okalahoma on the 29th of November. He has been a great help to dad and mom, but it really makes a difference when you add one more person to daily tasks. Second, one slippery morning on the 5th of December,when mom was taking Kristen to seminary, she began to walk down the ramp and had a tragic fall. She ended up in the ER and then was transported to Roanoke Hospital, which is about 45 min. to an hour away. She had surgery and had a long recovery in the hospital. She came home on the 22nd right before Christmas to a house full of people. She is still recovering, slowly but surely and is making progress everyday. Next off, we had all twenty of our family members here. It was a first in a long time and was very exciting. The adults had a nice time relaxing and playing games, while the teenagers loved to be around their nieces and nephews. We would be crazy if we didn't mention all the help that was put into the meals and daily tasks. Thank you all for making it all work out and worthwhile. While everyone was here, we got to take family pictures, which we have few of. Also, we celebrated Kristen's 16th birthday and Hailey's 3rd birthday. All in all, it was very memorable and exciting.

All the grandkids having fun on Logans bed!

All the married kids and their spouses at the local ice cream shop.

Grandpa and his grandkids

Kate and Grandpa

Hailey loves presents =)

The Longenecker attempt at the nativity.....which worked well considering the fact we had 3 year olds acting. =)

Danielle was our family photographer...notice the camera around her neck=) She was so patient and we thank her for her efforts!

What would Christmas Break be without a little Guitar Hero competitons and tournaments???

We loved being together and are so grateful for all the efforts!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

This week Casey was informed that he made 1st team All State for Football!! Congratulations Casey!!! Also, we are excited for Jaymes to come home from his mission in Oklahoma tommorow! We can't wait!